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Ultralight – duvet and pillow set

Ultralight – duvet and pillow set


This duvet is the thinnest option in our offer. It is going to perform perfectly during a hot summer. Thanks to it your child will have feeling of being covered gently while at the same having the optimal temperature provided by the duvet.

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Duvet – Ultralight

Our duvets are manufactured from high-quality anti-allergic, certified raw materials. Thanks to that the duvet very durable and resistant to deformations. It does not change its shape in spite of frequent washing.


  • Size: 135×200, 155×200, 200×200, 220×200
  • Filling: highly fluffy HOLLOW non-woven, basis weight: 200g+300g
  • Fabric/case: 100% microfibre
  • Type of stitching: quilted, three layers
  • Colour: White, ecru
  • How to use: Wash in a temperature of 60ºC, do not chlorinate, do not iron, do not clean chemically, dry spread

The duvets are packed into a handy case that enables their easy storage.

Our duvets feature the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 quality certificate.



The duvet is filled with the highly fluffy HOLLOW non-woven. It is made using a dry bonding method that employs polyester fibres. This non-woven is very soft, elastic and very lightweight at the same time.
Thanks to our non-woven, the heat is spread uniformly along the duvet and ensures appropriate air circulation and, as a result, very comfortable sleep.


The duvet has a case made of 100% microfibre. This material is very pleasant and soft to the touch, while at same time maintaining appropriate air circulation. It is very durable and safe for people suffering from allergies.


The duvet features three-layer stitching. Thanks to that, the filling of the duvet does not move during sleep and remains uniformly distributed throughout the duvet.


Our duvets can be washed in a temperature of 60ºC, thanks to which there is no problem keeping it clean and getting rid of microbes hazardous to the health of your child.


Our pillows are characterized by extraordinary durability, as well as softness, thanks to the materials used for sewing them.


  • Size: 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 80×80
  • Filling: FILLBALL silicone granules
  • Filling weight: 40×40 (0,25kg), 40×60 (0,4kg), 40×80 (0,5kg), 80×80 (1,2kg)
  • Fabric/case: 100% microfibre
  • Type of stitching: quilted, three layers
  • How to use: wash in a temperature of 60ºC, do not chlorinate, do not iron, do not clean chemically, dry spread
  • Colour: White, Ecru

The pillows are made of highest quality, certified raw materials. These products are friendly to those suffering from allergies. We are in possession of the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 quality certificate.



The cases of pillows are made of microfibre, which is structurally very soft and gentle, as well as friendly to people suffering from allergies.


FILLBALL is manufactured on the basis of carefully selected, innovative polyester fibres with silicone finish. Every single fibre is twisted spirally and has a special drilled canal on its whole length, ensuring appropriate air circulation and elasticity. The special three-dimensional twist increases spaciousness and provide extraordinary strength of the filling while the input weight remains low. These thin fibres, formed into small balls with diameter of ca. 5 mm have special characteristics, comparable to those of natural fluff.


The size of the filling is properly adjusted to the pillow size, thanks to which it provides us with appropriate support for the head.

The pillows are also fitted with a zipper that allows adjusting the amount of filling to our individual preferences.

Product fill with FILLBALL granules can be washed often in a temperature of 60°C. This allows maintaining hygienic cleanliness and freshness of products without depriving them of their highly useful properties. The filling remains fluffy and elastic for a long time.

  • Manufacturer: Wilpol-Bis
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • We deliver within the European Union and Switzerland

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