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We are often hesitant to buy online, especially when it comes to valuable items or furniture. "What if that bed is completely different in reality? What does wood look like? Will I be able to assemble it on my own?". That is absolutely understandable! To make your decision easier, we encourage you to watch a video about the Meli bed made by our ambassadors. We believe that the overt joy on their faces will convince you that you have come to the r

Sleep plays an extremely important role in a child's life. It is of great importance for the proper functioning of the nervous system, improves brain efficiency and has a positive effect on memory. Children under the age of 13 spend about a dozen hours a day sleeping, which is why it is so important to ensure adequate comfort and proper sleep hygiene.

Most parents, especially in the beginning, choose to sleep in the same room with their baby. In the parents' bedroom, the child can sleep in its own cot, in a cradle or in a bedside crib. Some people choose to sleep in the same bed with their child. Whichever solution you choose, sharing a bedroom with a baby is extremely convenient, especially if your child wakes up frequently during the night and needs feeding or a nappy change. The proximity

We all know perfectly how important the role of sleep is in our lives. It is a time when the human body rests and regenerates in order to be able to function effectively on the next day again. The amount of sleep required changes with age – the younger the body, the more sleep it needs per day. In newborns, the sleep demand is 14-17 hours a day. In infants - 12-15 hours. Little chil-dren should sleep 10-14 hours a day and school-age children a

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